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Family Dog

Spielberg's Amazing Stories anthology series on NBC-TV (1987).

Family Dog animation of a Suburban family viewed through the eyes of their dog (and the family dog viewed through the eyes of the individual family members).

Amblin Television, Inc. / Universal City Studios, Inc. / CBS-TV 1993
Executive Producers - Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Dennis Klein
Producer - Chuck Richardson
Directed by Chris Buck
Casting: Robert Litvak
Family Dog created by Brad Bird

Family Dog Episode Guide:

Show Dog
Hot Dog at the Zoo
Doggone Girl is Mine
Enemy Dog
Eye on the Sparrow
Call of the Mild
Dog Days of Summer
Party Animal
Family Dog Gets Good and Sick
Family Dog Goes Homeless

Family Dog - Part 1

Family Dog - Part 2

Family Dog - Part 3

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