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Regarding the article written by Andrew Blankstein and Steve Hymon (below) which was on the front page of the California section in yesterday's LA Times, we have this to say. . . .

If underground animal rights activists use illegal tactics and vandalize property, then so did the conductors of the Underground Railroad, the colonists who participated in the Boston Tea Party, and the Allies who liberated the inmates and destroyed the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps.

Once and for all, let's recognize that those who are responsible for and who neglect, abuse and kill animals at their jobs are the REAL criminals and terrorists. 

Animal Defense League of Los Angeles (ADLLA) is an above-ground animal rights group whose protests are, admittedly, noisy and confrontational--but always legal. The group does not engage in, have foreknowledge of, or incite others to commit--illegal activities.

It does, however, understand that some activists are driven to "take it a step further." Years of "please" and "thank you" have done little for the animals--and the consequent frustration impels some to adopt those "tougher tactics." ADL-LA philosophically supports the anonymous brave warriors who risk their freedom to employ "more convincing measures" to fight against the animal killers--or to directly liberate animals from--the interminable abuse.

History has shown that the animal rights movement is the ONLY social justice endeavor that has NOT resorted to violence against its opponents. It has, in fact, been remarkably and admirably restrained in this regard. Some underground activists damage property because they perceive that it is the only medium of "communication"--the only form of "dialogue"--to which abusers pay attention.

Put in a nutshell, the only thing that seems to mean anything to the torturers and murderers of animals is their money, ego and power. It is they, therefore, who determine that economic sabotage is the only language in which some animal rights freedom fighters feel they can meaningfully--and successfully--converse.   

The government enacts laws that protect the corporations who torment animals and rape the Earth. The police and courts are their henchmen who enforce those laws. The public flippantly bandies about the "terrorist" buzz word when activists obey the "higher law" that decries the suffering of sentient beings. 

For most people, the world stretches no farther than the lengths of their own selfish noses. They are oblivious to suffering--with the duly-noted exception of their own, of course!

Thus, an hour's clamor in their neighborhoods once or twice a month sends them into a tizzy--but the execution of over 44,000 puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, rabbits and wildlife every year in the six City shelters leaves them unmoved. 

Indeed--those who are silent toward the pain of others cry the loudest at their own. 

ADL-LA Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this publication is intended to encourage or incite illegal acts. Many of the reports contained in our Action Alerts and on our web site at have been received anonymously and the Campaign cannot make any guarantees for the accuracy of these reports. Any views or comments stated in reports, Action Alerts or on the web site are not necessarily the views of STK or ADL-LA. 

Posted on Friday, September 09, 2005 @ 18:30 CDT


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