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American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act PASSES!
Sep 07, 2006
Learn more about the American HorseSlaughter Prevention Act
ABUSE ARTICLES:  (Hoarding, Puppymills, Abuse, Neglect, etc)
Woman faces charges after pet cockatoo dies in hot car
Rat-lover: 1,300 pets were 'force of nature
Man distraught after officers shoot pet dogs
Hundreds of Terns Wshed Up Dead in Long Beach
Woman Accused Of Keeping Mother, Pets In Filthy Home
Owner of seized pets charged with code violations
77-Year-Old Owner Of Seized Pets Charged
Web site aims to save unnwanted pets from Gilbert preserve
The cats and dogs lived in filth with a West Deptford couple, officials said.
Police shoot another pit bull
Owner won't let dogs be euthanized, seeks proof pets killed woman
Woman with pet-filled home files claim
Suffolk woman accused of housing 80 pets is arrested, house condemned
AG sues pet shop owner over dying puppies
No Pets For Man Accused Of Beating Dog
Pet shop owner sued over dying puppies

Woman accused of attacking dog breeder with her dead Chihuahua
Man admits to dumping pet gator in park
Orangutan 'rescued' in Phnom Penh
Kittens Tortured & Mutilated in Ohio Home
No justice for Dewey
Pet Projects at New Bolton Center - the blood horse (semi-feral ponies
Animal Attack Charges
Animal Attack Caught on Tape
Santa Cruz cat owner gets jail time for neglecting pets
Owner wants dozens of pets back
  Beware Of 'Pet Traffickers' Trying To Adopt Your Family Pet
Pet owner faces 270 charges
8-Year-Old Removed From Pet-Infested Home In N.H.
Dog Thefts Put Raymore On Alert -  DOG STEALING AND FIGHTING VIDEO!
MERCY - Tortured dog dies of injuries

MERCY -  Burned pit bull puppy now in shelter's care
MERCY -  video clip
Woman With Dozens of Animals in Custody
8-Year-Old Removed From Pet-Infested Home In N.H.
Abuse investigation angers animal lover
Homeless pet owner worries about animals
Cindy Bemis: Animal Control Struggles With Questionable Animal Rescue
ANIMALS AND PEOPLE (cohabitation issues)
Eagle owl to be given restaurant food after escape

Oregon couple's pet wallaby is missing, have you seen it?

Family Pet Scares Away Would-Be Abductor
After exotic pets are rescued, what next?
Man and pet rescue each other from beast's teeth A pit bull takes a mauling from a bear for his master

Neighbors Say Pet Pigs Pose Problems
Couple fights for their pet pig, Bacon
City's pigeon tradition fades
African grey parrots "under threat"
Coyotes Seeking Pets for Food
Zoo Official Calls For End To Exotic Pet Purchases
Why 'no pets allowed' signs are worth heeding
Fire leaves family homeless, claims pet's life
Coyotes Attacking Suburban Pets
Gator devours pet pooch
Little Boy Keeps 19-Foot Python As Pet + pics 
Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
Pit bull invades home, kills pet, wounds owners

Vicious dogs kill pet and savage man
Offer could be lifesaver for Lewis the ferocious feline
Man ordered to give up pet python
Video: Cougar suspected in pet deer attack
Pet pythons seized from home
Pet pythons get Melbourne man in hot water
Keep Rover home while plovers roam - Protecting threatened shorebirds,
Plovers bump pets from dunes' beaches
Black bear eating pet food on porch in Tennessee is killed by deputy
Boy, 3, Needs Stitches From Peacock Attack

Pet tigers and cougars keep neighbors nervous
Raccoon that attacked pet birds, man in Jupiter was rabid
Pet Projects at New Bolton Center - the blood horse (semi-feral ponies)
Pet Turtle persuaded her it didn't need rescuing
Smith loses pet after horrific three-horse fall
Kentucky family fights to keep pet lion
Family fights to keep pet lion
8-Year-Old Removed From Pet-Infested Home In N.H.
Mountain lion that killed pet will be rehabiliated
Owners awarded $1,300 in death of pet dog killed by python
Pair fined after pet python kills dog
Florida couple fined after pet python squeezes pampered pooch

Utah County Dog Owner Wants Answers After Her Pet is Euthanized
Apr. 24, 2006 - Story by:  Reed Cowan

A Utah County woman said her dog was killed at the hands of an animal shelter even though the director had information on how to return the pet.

Barbi Carrol said she is a responsible pet owner and her dog, Peykos, was very close to her. "He was part of our family," she said. "We don't have kids, so the dogs get our attention."

Peykos had a loving place to live, immunizations and a microchip in case he went missing. When he did, Carrol called police and all animal shelters informing them of her missing dog.

A few days later, Carrol was taken to a Spanish Fork animal shelter where she found her dog dead in a freezer. Carrol, who is herself a shelter worker, tells ABC 4 News that dogs in Utah must be kept five working days before being euthanized, and that owners of dogs with chips are to be called immediately. Neither happened, and on Carrol's voicemail a shelter director admits to the mistake.

Now Carrol is calling on the director of the shelter to be fired. Calls to shelter staff and a shelter board member were not returned Sunday.  (Original Story..)

watch video:

Pet dealers target newfound newt

About 100 newts of a species first identified in 2002 have been caught in Laos by Japanese pet dealers and sold in Japan, to the alarm of researchers who believe the trade could be endangering the existence of the creature.

The discovery of the Laos Warty Newt, whose Latin name is Paramesotriton laoensis, was announced in a paper written by Bryan Stuart, a researcher of the Field Museum in Chicago, and others in 2002. Since the extent of the newt's habitat is not yet known, no regulations have been established on trade in the amphibian.

Stuart and others discovered the newt in 1999 in northern Laos, with support from Wildlife Conservation Society, a New York-based nature protection organization.

The newt is about 15-20 centimeters long and has a black body with yellow warts or striations. It inhabits stagnant streams that flow in valleys.

According to Stuart, a pet dealer of Ibaraki Prefecture visited the area earlier this year and caught about 100 of the creatures. The dealer brought them back to Japan and started selling them at stores and on the Internet.

Other dealers in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka began selling them as well, touting the salamander as a "very rare species" or a "new arrival." A newt is priced at about 20,000 yen, and a male-female pair sells for about 40,000 yen. One dealer said, "They sold out almost immediately."

Stuart said the detailed description of the newt in his paper, which is necessary to protect the species, ended up popularizing the amphibian as a pet. The paper ended being used in a way that negated its original purpose of protecting the species, he said.

The researchers will soon begin a protection project with the cooperation of the Laotian government.

"I brought back about 100 of the newts because there were lots of them. In fact, local people eat them," the pet dealer in Ibaraki Prefecture said.

The dealer added: "Newly discovered animals don't sell so well because it's difficult to raise them. About 20 or 30 out of 100 were sold. Considering the airfare, selling them for 20,000 yen each won't make us any profit. It's not right to accuse us of catching too many of them to make a quick buck."   (Original Story..)

(Apr. 24, 2006)
An email is circulating among the animal community looking for two young men holding up small dog/puppy which they apparently tortured and killed.  (There are other images that indicate the torture of this animal.)  The animal community is currently trying to find someone that recognizes and prosecute the boys if possible.

Current information:

The FBI and  the LAPD Animal Cruelty Prevention Task Force have an ongoing investigation.

The URL was purchased through Network Solutions ( and is registered as private.

Speculation is the images may be out of Uruguay or Mexico.

The website may also be owned and/or hosted outside of the U.S.

It is recommended that the website that houses these images ( is boycotted.  Just clicking on the first page will give the website "traffic" (Traffic = money).  So don't give them either!

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Below is an image of the faces of the two boys holding up the tortured animal and a smaller of the original picture showing the tortured dog. The boys are making a defiant/obscene gesture holding up an apparently dead/tortured dog.  If anyone can identify these boys you can contact us at  INFO@THEKITTYLIBERATIONFRONT.ORG (subject: "cruel boys")  and we will forward to appropriate authorities. 

(for more on the Los Angeles Animal Cruelty task force go to: (animal cruelty task force)

coming soon

Rate organizations and shelters nationwide. There is a dark side of rescue organizations that make other good charities have a bad name.

Let's go after them by reporting what you see!


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