It is KLF's belief that animals should be provided the most natural ingredients for both food and medicine.

Don't wait until an emergency to know what to do.  If your going to take on the responsibility of caregiver to an animal companion, do it the same intelligence and love that you would give a child.  Find out about its food and medical needs, what is toxic to your companion as well as what is good for them.
"Companion proof" their surroundings.

As human caregivers we should provide them with the best possible resources within our means.  This does not mean if we can't afford it we need to give up our companion.  This is not fair to you or your companion.  We do have options.  Don't just take the first thing that comes along... research it!

Think wisely before taking on multiple animals above your means.


Links and Information provided on our site

Research is recommended. We do not necessarily support all views on the sites we provide links to nor do we necessarily support their links.  The information and links provided to you by KLF are to help your awareness of what is available for you and your animal companion.


Dr. Jenny Conrad
Prevention of Behavior Problems  (Read More...) - Jennifer Conrad, DVM - Director
Holistic Natural Cures - Holistic Health for People and Animals

Trina's Place - Alternative Medicine for Pets (loads of links)

Toxic to Animals

Did you know that Oleanders are extremely toxic to both you and your pet?

List of Plants Toxic to Animals and Associated Symptoms  
Plants of specific Concern to these species:  

Common Cat Toxicities (non-plant)

Common Dog Toxicities (non-plant)

Cornell University - Poisonous Plants Informational Database

Health Related Links
Understanding and Avoiding Bad Pet Food Ingredients
Foods to Avoid Feeding to Your Pet 
Newman's Own Organic Pet Food Ingredient List  Also recommend reading FAQ Resource information for the health and wellness of your canine companions. (Also includes cat health and wellness information.) Resource for natural and organic pet products. 
Human Health:  How Pets help:
Pet has calming effect on Stewart
Pet Owners Get Warning About Rabies, Seekonk, Mass

Myths About Raw: What about raw diets and the AAFCO standards?

Heat wave a problem for pets, too
Pets Also Suffer During Bay Area Heat Wave
Keeping your pet cool in hot weather
Pounds Hound Plenty Of Pets

Disease can cause pets dizziness
Pets left in cars can quickly suffer
Keeping Your Pets Cool
Hot weather dangerous to pets
Keep Eyes Peeled For Run-a-way Pets
Pets' hearing so acute that fireworks can be terrifying
Humane Society urges pet owners to be cautious on Fourth of July
Pets and fireworks don’t mix
Take caution with pets in summer heat
Handling Pet Treats Can Cause Human Ills
Anti-BSE feed rules widened to include pet food, fertilizers
Tips for traveling with pets
Pet owners turn to Jacksonville veterinarian for high-tech cancer care
Nurturing mature pets
Take charge if pet is left in hot car
Protect your pets from summer hazards

Vet warns of pet fatalities in North Texas heat
Behavior modification helps pets overcome fear
Debate over pets' role in spread of avian flu No cases passed yet by dogs or cats, but experts want study (Pet Health)
Make certain your pet gets the proper exercise
Lasers Revolutionize Pet Surgery
Summer heat can be harmful to pets
Pet adoptions suspended after cat rabies case
Rabid kitten halts some PetSmart adoptions
Rabies Scare Stops Pet Adopts at PetSmart 
Rabid kitten halts pet adoptions at Va., Md. PetSmart stores
Rabid Kitten Halts Pet Adoptions At Some Stores
Rabid Kitten Halts Some Pet Adoptions
Raccoon that attacked pet birds, man in Jupiter was rabid
Pet First Aid Class Could Be a Lifesaver
Pet Project: Animal Allergies
Welfare: Don't paint your pets
Pet owners must protect animals from the heat
slide show of "Sessa"  3 times overweight!
Obese Australians raising fat cats and fat dogs
Obese Aussies raising fat pets
Organ-recipients' deaths prompt call for suppliers of pet rodents to screen for LCMV disease
More veterinarians making visits to houses to exam pets
More veterinarians making house calls to examine pets
Massage treat for pets, owners
NEWS 2 USE: Shop around before insuring your pet
Family pets should be in pandemic strategies, experts say
Cat to return to owner after 10 years - MICROCHIP THAT WORKS
We insure our health, our homes, our cars. Why not Fido?
Tips On Protecting Your Pet
Pets can get bugged, too
 In pictures: Tehran pet hospital - first pet hospital in Iran
What's your pet laughing at?
Smuggled pets, sporting birds worry bird flu watchdogs
Paw Walkers to get people to take steps with pets

Pet Cats and Obesity, News 14 Carolina, Dr. Tom Watson
Learning to Live with a Pet's Death
Warm weather poses danger for pets in cars
You can kill your pets with kindness - vets
Stop scratching, act quickly to rid your pet and home of fleas

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