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Compilation of articles related to incidents of animal abuse, neglect or irresponsibility.
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Cat Shot With Arrow Expected To Survive - Shooter Could Face Time In Prison
April 14, 2006

A cat shot twice with metal hunting arrows is expected to survive his wounds, but authorities want to find the person responsible for the attack before more pets are harmed.

The cat's name is Bill, and his owner saw the wounded animal Wednesday outside his house in Vista. The owner called the North County Humane Society, and animal workers helped catch the scared and wounded animal.

"It's sickening that somebody could do this to an animal -- a helpless animal," Eric MacPherson of the Humane Society said. "It's not tolerated.. It's against the law. This is a felony, so we're going to do the best we can to prosecute to the full extent."

Bill was taken to the VCA North County Animal Hospital in Encinitas, where he underwent surgery to remove arrows from his back and neck. The cat was heavily sedated and getting nutrition through a feeding tube Thursday morning. Veterinarians at the hospital said Bill was expected to survive, but the next 24 hours would be critical for his recovery.

Veterinarians said the wound in the cat's neck was infected, so they believe he had been shot Sunday or Monday. 

Officials with the North County Humane Society said they found another similarly wounded cat in the same Vista neighborhood recently.
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State investigates pet complaints
April 14, 2006By Deborah Frazier, Rocky Mountain News

The assistant state veterinarian said today he will investigate allegations from employees at the Humane Society of Weld County that animals were unnecessarily euthanized.

Keith Roehr said he has received no formal complaint, but will look into claims that the facility unnecessarily euthanized animals and failed to sedate them before the legal injection was given after reading media reports.

One current and several former employees of the Humane Society made the claims.

Elaine Hicks, the society's executive director, said several of the people who made the allegations were involved in animal rescue shelters and were opposed to euthanasia.  (Original Story...)

Admitted cat killer orderd to work at pet shelter
April 14, 2006

A man who admitted killing his ex-girlfriend's cat has been sentenced to probation for two years and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service — at a pet shelter.

Eric Ford, 45, of Tamms, Ill., was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to felony animal abuse. He was ordered to fulfill the community service hours within four months at the Cape Girardeau Humane Society.

In August 2004, Ford's ex-girlfriend was moving out of a home they shared in Cape Girardeau. Ford picked up the woman's cat, said, "This is what I think of our love," and threw the animal against a wall, assistant prosecutor Jack Koester said.

Ford could have faced up to four years in prison. Prosecutors had recommended 60 days in the county jail.

Information from: Southeast Missourian,

Sick Dog Sold at Pet Store
April 12, 2006

Susan Smith and her family bought a 10-week-old Welsh-Corgy from Pet Stop Puppies on Summer Avenue. The day after, Smith says, "She had an accident in the house, and it had blood in her stool."

She went back to Pet Stop.

"I just wanted them to know they sold me a sick puppy and take responsibility and take her to the vet or pay for the vet bills," she says.

Smith says the store manager was surprisingly rude and refused to help.

She says, "She acted like it was no big deal she acted like it was a used car. She said, 'you bought her. She's your problem now.'"

Smith's vet told her "Danny Girl" had parasites and kennel cough. Those are both illnesses that take days to develop and are highly contagious.

Eyewitness News went to the pet store to find out why the management was refusing to pay the Smith's $65.00 vet bill. We also wanted to know if they knew they were selling a sick dog.

We asked store manager Mindy Denton about the blood in the dogs stool.

"It's brought on by stress, change of environment. It's a parasite," Denton tells us.

But several veterinarians we spoke say that isn't so.

Eyewitness News got results for the Smith family and Danny Girl. Moments after our confrontation with Mindy Denton, she called us to say the store will compensate Smith for the medical costs.

In fact, Denton says she offered that deal initially, but Smith says if that were the case, she wouldn't of called us.

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Video states:  Vet says watch new puppies closely for two weeks:  Signs to get pet to a vet quickly include:  Lethargic, Mucous around nose, Diarrhea, Coughing and Sneezing


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