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Check with your local shelters.  They may be aware of  shelters needing help or may have taken in rescues that need care and supplies.  Many  shelters need volunteers, blankets, food, etc.

Evacuation Centers



Lancaster Animal Shelter
Mission Shelter, Mission Hills
Palmdale Humane Society
Pasadena Humane Society

Large Animals:
Pierce College (Horses Only)Antelope Valley Fair Grounds

Small Animals:
Augora Humane Society Lancaster Humane Society Palmdale Humane Society

La Canada Flintridge, Altadena, La Crescenta, Glendale
Pet Evacuation Centers for large or small animals:

La Canada High School
Pasadena Humane Society, 361 S. Raymond
Pasadena Loma Alta County Park at Lincoln and Loma Alta, Altadena Humane Society, 401 N. Verdugo
Glendale East Valley Shelter-14409 Van Owen Van Nuys,
Baldwin Park Shelter, 4275 N. Elton St., Baldwin Park

Pierce College in Woodland Hills is boarding horses and other big animals displaced by the Station Fire.

Pet Evacuations at Dewitt Center in Auburn

Animal Shelter set up at Hansom Dam


Large Animals may be taken to Yuciapa Equestrian Center at 13273 California St. Those needing assistance with animals should call San Bernardino Animal Control at 800-472-5609.


The SPCA reminds everyone in our community to take their animals with them if they are given orders to evacuate and to contact The SPCA if they need assistance.

Last night, The SPCA sheltered six evacuated dogs and we are currently sheltering two evacuated dogs at our shelter on Highway 68.


Large animals- LA Equestrian Center on Riverside Dr.
Small: Sunland Park,

North Central Shelter,3201 Lacey Street, LA 90031
888-452-7381 -  Asking for unopened pet food.

If you left pets behind or if you need assistance evacuating animals, please contact The SPCA at 831-373-2631.

The SPCA is operating an emergency animal shelter at the Red Cross Shelter at Soledad High School. If you are given orders to evacuate, bring your animals with you. The SPCA's doors are open to all animals in need.

The SPCA animal rescue team is staged and prepared to evacuate pets and livestock left behind and to assist residents with evacuations.

Please contact The SPCA first at 831-373-2631 or at 831-646-5534 (after hours) for information on or assistance with evacuating livestock.

Household pets can be brought directly to the SPCA evacuation shelter adjacent to the American Red Cross shelter.

Pet-friendly hotels and motels are listed on our website


Please help

If you want to donate to an organization near you, please check it out and ensure that the organization is using the supplies, etc and utelizing your help appropriately.

Low Budget Pet Friendly Hotels/Motels: - Main website page with California motel locations and phone numbers.
La Quinta Inns & Suites - Main website page with California city links - find the city location nearest you).
Ref: - pet friendly chain hotels

For boarding check: Locations

VCA vet clinics offer free boarding for pets displaced by fire

Wildlife Questions and Rescue:

Lost Pets:
or check your local shelters

More Fire Info:

Additional Resources :

Free Boarding for Dogs Affected by California FiresRescuers Assist Dog Victims of California Fires
Group Assists Pets Burned in Wildfires

Groups Offer Tips to Protect Dogs From Fires
Animal Response Team to Assist in California Rescue

List of Animal Disaster Groups
Equestrian Disaster Information, etc.
Find how animal welfare charities use donations to help pets in trailers, need - Help Resources for Animals in CA Fires

here is link to the best low budget pet friendly motels
hotels/motels that are pet-friendly and Motel 6 and La Quinta Inns & Suites are pet friendly







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*First, everyone should have an evacuation plan. Give neighbors phone numbers and access to get animals in case you are gone. Have carriers, leashes, halters, (careful of tying rope around horses necks, they pull and can choke) and trailers available for emergency exits. Look on local news websites for nearest animal evacuation places and call to see if they are full.

Survival Disaster Kit
  • your contact info
  • back-up contact info if available
  • Vet contact info
  • medical info and special needs for your pet
  • medications if applicable
  • carrier(s)
  • leashes, halters, ropes
  • food
  • water

Please also try to volunteer and donate carriers, trailers, etc. to these evacuation places. Research that these shelters are doing their job!

Keep animals away from smoke, their noses are more sensitive than ours.

*During evacuation, it is important when getting a dog to not look at them in the eyes. Turn your shoulder into them so you belong to their pack and just leash the dog and walk them. If you have to scruff them to leash them, this puts them in the puppy state. Don't pet dogs when they are nervous, this makes them more nervous. Walking helps calm a dog. If a dog runs away, lie down, they come to people lying down. If you chase them they run away. Treats help all animals.

*With Horses and dogs you can blindfold them and that calms them down. Don't lead a horse directly into a trailer. Instead, make horse do figure 8's or trot them in a circle so they don't anticipate where they are going before you lead them indirectly into the trailer. During stressful times horses and large animals will not walk into a trailer that easily. Walking also calms down horses as it does with dogs.

With cats try to scruff them to put them in cat carriers, or whatever you can find to confine them. If a cat or animal is hard to get, throw a towel on them and catch them with the towel. Feral Cat organizations have cat traps that feral cats, etc. will go into because of the food, but during stressful times that may be difficult since they may not be hungry.

You also need to cover bird cages, as that calms them down.

Water is important to keep around since stress dehydrates the animal more.

Wildlife will be coming towards the community because they need water and will run away from the fire. Please don't approach wild animals, contact wildlife organizations such as Animal Advocates.

If you need to leave
 your animals behind....

(WE DO NOT ADVISE THIS!) the following at minimum!

  • put in safe area of home
  • provide non-spill water and food
  • leave leashes, carriers and emergency kit in plain site
  • visible and HUGE sign outside front door saying:


Shane and Sia Barbi

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