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The recent storms (tornadoes, etc) did terrible damage to property, homes, etc.  As always the animals need help help too...  Please try to help shelters, etc in areas of storm devastation. We will be posting Updates here as we receive them.

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Storm Displaces Pets in Sumner County
April 13, 2006,  Reported by Darian Trotter E-mail:,

 Dozens of pets from Sumner County have been displaced by Friday's tornadoes, and they are now showing up at the humane society.

When the storm blew through, family pets were frightened, ran for cover and some are still lost. On early Saturday morning, people started finding the animals roaming through the rubble in the affected neighborhoods.

Check out News 4 for video clips about this story!  click here

People have been bringing lost cats and dogs to the Sumner County Humane Society by the dozens.

Even the dogs that do have tags with contact information are having problems getting back to their owners. Calls are placed to the homes on their tags, but the houses have been flattened.

The humane society is preparing to provide temporary shelter for several weeks while owners work to get their homes in order.

The shelter has been accepting donations of food and pet supplies.

Since some of the pets were also injured in the storm, the society can use cash donations to help with vet bills. The public can either take or mail your donation to the Sumner County Humane Association

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Note:  People and organizations are contributing food.  Purina Pet Food is contributing 40,000 lbs of Pet Food. (according to news report video)

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Pets Need Relief Assistance Too
April 10, 2006, Scott Craven, The Arizona Republic

The Sumner County Humane society said they have more displaced animals than they have resources.

They're in need of pet food, blankets and various other items needed to care for the animals.

If you want to donate any items, contact:

the Sumner County Humane Society
16 Volunteer Drive,
Hendrsonville, Tennessee
(615) 822-0061.

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Storm Displaces Pets in Missouri Counties Too
April 14, 2006, Shirley Mondeaux, circulating email

Due to the devastation in several Missouri counties, shelters are overflowing with pets and strays.  Unfortunately they can only hold them for a limited time for the owner to claim and time is running out quickly.

Please contact us if you know of any rescues that would be willing to pick up, foster and adopt or help with funding for the cost of vaccinations at the shelters, a health certificate, spaying or neutering, etc.  

At this time, we have gotten few responses from rescue groups willing to transport and we urgently need to get these dogs out.  If anyone has any rescue contacts in the MO area and can get them to come to pick up and foster/adopt please get in contact with me as soon as possible at:  or  Connie Foster at

Individuals may also adopt but would need to abide by the guidelines of the SW MO K9s.  If you are interested in adopting, please e-mail the addresses listed above.

Thank you so much for caring.
Shirley Mondeaux
Member of NDARS and Stealth Volunteers
Helping Reunite Families & Pets

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Arizona Republic


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