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Chew on this: Not all treats created equal
April 9, 2006 -

Greenies are a popular dog treat that are touted as controlling tartar and plaque in dogs, leading to fresher breath. And dogs — at least those I’ve observed coming into contact with the treats — enjoy gnawing on them. The success of the original Greenies treat spawned several imitators that make similar chewable dental treats for dogs.

The original Greenies are shaped like a toothbrush on one end and a bone on the other, and come in a variety of sizes for different sizes of dogs. The treats are made primarily from wheat gluten, which is high in protein, and include chlorophyll to give them their green color. In addition to Greenies for dogs, the company also makes biscuits, “Lil’ Bits” or small flakes of Greenies, and Feline Greenies for cats.

Greenies are endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and have been found to reduce tartar by 62 percent and bad breath by 31 percent in independent studies. Seems like they really do make an impact on dogs’ dental health.

But now the company that makes Greenies, S&M NuTec LLC, is in some legal trouble. A class-action lawsuit, filed by 10 pet owners in eight states, accuses the company of making a product that can kill or injure dogs. As many as 13 dogs have been reported to have died by choking on the treats or developing blockages in their gastrointestinal tracts. Several others have needed emergency surgery.
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Pet Treat Maker Finds Itself In Bigger Legal Doghouse
April 7, 2006 - The Associated Press.

Ten dog owners from eight different states are seeking class-action federal lawsuit in New York, and a product liability case has been filed in Los Angeles, and FDA investigation is being demanded in Seattle.  Claims are pieces of choke or block intestines, causing surgery or death.

Greenies makers claiming owners must buy right size for dog and ensure dog chews treat completely.  
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"Chewables" Don't Digest
February 12, 2006  - The Associated Press.

Vets have been warning for years about "chewable" teething bones, rawhides, etc and how they are not digested well and can cause blockage in dogs. The latest is a popular product called "Greenies".  The product does not digest and dogs don't always "take small bites" therefore the product remains large enough quantities to create intestinal blockage creating potentially expensive health care and in some cases death.   For more information go to www.kirotv.com  and read what KIRO 7 TV Consumer Investigator,
Wayne Havrelly reported on November 15, 2005.
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