Petitions We Support.... There are so many causes for animals and for the environment and the health and well being of every living creature on this planet, including humans.  We will begin by posting recent ones we received and support.  There is no particular favorite here and when there is you will see us front and center of the battle!  If you know of a good petition or Boycott send us an email at info@thekittyliberationfront.org we will do our best to post it here.  In the mean time search on the internet for your cause... it's out there! 
Shane and Sia Barbi, The KLF!


Defenders of Wildlife Petitions:

Save Peruvian Jaguars


Take Action

The Peru Free Trade Agreement would sanction the destruction of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest -- home to jaguars and other endangered species. Tell your elected officials that free trade shouldn't mean illegal trade!


Save Great Cats and Rare Canids

Clouded Leopard (Photo: Nancy vandermey)

Take Action

Great cats and wild canines around the world need your help. Legislation in Congress would give much needed support to people around the world who are working to save clouded leopards, jaguars, wolves and other rare cats and canines in the wild.


Save Peruvian Jaguars


Take Action

The Peru Free Trade Agreement would sanction the destruction of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest -- home to jaguars and other endangered species. Tell your elected officials that free trade shouldn't mean illegal trade!


Help Stop Aerial Gunning in Alaska

Alaska Wolf Close Up

Take Action

Alaska's majestic gray wolves are in grave danger. Marksmen use low-flying planes to chase the wolves, run them to exhaustion and shoot them to death at point-blank range.

Our Wolves Need Your Help

Two wolves running in the snow (Photo: Corel)

Take Action

On January 29th, 2007, federal officials announced their proposal to remove federal protections for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies -- a plan that could lead to the slaughter of hundreds of wolves. Make your voice heard... Urge federal officials to maintain strong federal protections for our Northern Rocky Mountain wolves.

Belugas on the Brink

Beluga Whale (Photo: U.S. Navy)

Take Action

Alaska's Cook Inlet once teemed with up to 1300 beluga whales. But these iconic whales are disappearing -- and they could vanish forever within our lifetime unless we act now. 



Care2 Petitions:


Legislation being adopted to help animals that come from households of domestic violence


Seventy-one percent of pet-owning women in shelters reported that a pet had been threatened, injured or killed by their abuser. California Senator Sheila Kuehl has authored legislation to help domestic violence victims protect their pets

 Help thank her for her efforts!


Chinese officials brutally killed 50,000 dogs as part of a crackdown on a rabies outbreak.
Take Action!


Urge China to adopt widespread

Puppy mills frequently house dogs in shockingly poor conditions: overcrowded, unsanitary, lacking in adequate shelter, food, water and human companionship.


Pennsylvania Governor Rendell recently made an important step in transforming this cruel industry.

Send him your thanks and support!


Over-fishing, marine habitat destruction, coastal development, and pollution are pushing our ocean systems to the brink of collapse.

Stop Congress from weakening marine protections!


Support The Healthy Farms, Food and Fuels Act!

Finally, a bill that will support farmers trying to be active stewards of the land could make a cleaner, healthier environment for all of us.


Urge your reps to support the bill!

"The Dead Zone" has an unpleasant ring to it, but we have a chance to change the tune.

For 20 years, scientists have been documenting this complete annihilation of all marine life within a chemical-fertilizer choked area in the Gulf of Mexico the size of New Jersey. The "Dead Zone" is but one giant casualty of agricultural pollution, and bald eagles decimated by pesticides have been another. The Healthy Farms, Food and Fuels Act of 2006, however, is the first step in bringing life back to threatened land all over the country.

Just say no to milk and meat from clones!


New food technology such as animal cloning should be proven safe for humans and animals before being allowed on the market.

Take action to protect our food today!




Please write to your federal representatives today and tell them you oppose killing cats on federal lands!

Take Action On This Issue

Effective immediately, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service have begun the process of trapping and killing feral cats residing within the National Key Deer Refuge in southern Florida. Feral cat advocates have fought for several years to prevent this from happening – still the authorities are insistent.

These feral cats are being singled out as the reason for a diminished population of marsh rabbits; while the main reasons for their depopulation is habitat loss. Studies done on feral cats and their impact on

To learn more about the situation at the National Key Deer Refuge and to take action, click here.

Click Here to Donate



More Care2 Petitions:



Rep. Jerry Mitchell and Sen. William Haine of Illinois have sponsored a very important public and animal safety bill.


 Illinois Prevents Use of Dogs As Weapons

Support cleaning up water sources
 in areas that desperately need it!

Sign the petition!

Lack of drinking water is one of the most urgent health crises facing human kind today.

We can take action in our own lives to raise awareness about global water issues.

Please speak up now!


Global Warming is Changing Texas!

We need to make 2007 a year for real and effective global warming solutions.

Enough time has passed, and we have not seen any big steps taken to stop global warming.

Take action to support meaningful global warming legislation in Congress

Read the Petition
Help spread the word  


"When you're literally blowing up the top of a mountain ... It's so deeply wrong."

Mountaintop mining waste in our rivers? No way!


Across the Appalachian coalfields, more than 1,200 miles of streams are now buried and destroyed by mountaintop removal.

Watch this short video featuring Woody Harrelson - and then sign today!

 Read the Petition
 Help spread the word

We Need Smart Energy Solutions


Our addiction to oil and unsustainable energy practices will leave us spiraling toward catastrophe.

Support Smart Energy Solutions and the Udall-Platts Renewable Energy Standard!

29,000 children die every day from preventable causes.


Tell Congress to keep its promise to help reduce the childhood under-five mortality rate by two-thirds by 2015.


You care about the environment, right?  Send an inspirational, poetic e-card or a humorous flash animation to your friends and family; your loved ones will enjoy a message from you AND get engaged with the environmental content. It's easy, free, and most importantly fun!

About the e-cards:

1) Send an uplifting e-card to promote environmental conservation and harmony with nature. Remind your friends and family about the importance of our environment and our place as human beings on the planet. Spread the word: Harmony with Nature ... It can happen!

2) Arctic animals ask, "Don't you want us, Baby?" in this funny new flash animation highlighting Big Oil's reckless drilling plans for Alaska's Arctic Refuge. When friends get the e-card, they can sign a petition telling Exxon to stop their irresponsible efforts to drill in the Refuge at the expense of protected wildlife.




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