Cutest,  "The Cutest Kitty"
died 3/29/07
16 yrs old
Barbi Twins Comment on their Loss and Lawsuit

Class Action Law Firm:
Blim & Edelson LLC, Chicago



Initial reports of pet food containing Wheat Gluten (a source of protein intentially added to products to make them appear higher in protein).  Apparently due to mis-labeling, U.S. inspectors say that material contaminated with melamine was actually wheat flour.

Wheat GLUTEN -

CORN GLUTEN - Tainted corn gluten was originally found in South Africa.  Tests confirmed that "Vets Choice" and "Royal Canin" dog and cat dry pet-food products contained corn gluten contaminated with melamine. The contaminated corn gluten appeared to orginate in China, delivered by a South African third-party supplier.  The products were exclusively sold in South Africa and Namibia. North American began looking into corn gluten and eventually began recalling products that contained corn gluten.

Pet-food poison from South African firm  (April 19)
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'Don't dump pet food' (April 21)
Dozens of South African dogs die from contaminated pet food

RICE PROTEIN CONCENTRATE - In April a pet vood company voluntarily recalled its products believing its rice protein concentrate was contaminated.  The supplier, Wilbur-Ellis, urged manufacturers using rice protein concentrate in their pet food to recall their products. 

Wilbur-Ellis Voluntarily Recalls Rice Protein Concentrate (April 16)
Pet food recall expands to third company (April 20)
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