Wholesalers and Retailers of these "Garbage Products"
put your pet at risk to line their pockets!
How many are responsible? Sadly... this may include your trusted Vet! 
Don't Rely on others... DO THE RESEARCH!

"Make sure to read ingredients of pet food. Most people can feel safe by avoiding regular pet food, as they contain cheap fillers of corn and wheat, which are not natural for pets. Worse, corn and wheat can grow deadly molds and fungus Raw meat is the best diet for cats and dogs, (mixed with raw fruits & vegetables), because cats and dogs need an acidic diet. The fact that dogs and cats are acidic, bacteria in raw meat is NOT a problem. Cooked meat with grains becomes too alkaline for dogs and cats, giving so many illnesses that are becoming "normal".

It's a "Dog Eat Dog" World.  It doesn't have to be....

Another dangerous ingredient to look out for is any meat by-product.   What people don't realize is that meat by-products are diseased dogs and cats fed back to your pet in pet food. A dirty little secret is rendering plants receive animals that are put to sleep at the vet and animals that are killed at kill-shelters.  These dead animals, flea collars, pesticides are then boiled together to make fertilizers and pet food. By investing in your pets food and giving them a diet their species needs, you save so much money with better health and no vet bills for these so-called normal illnesses!" 

Some people don't want to feed meat to their cats and dogs because pet food is slaughtered animals.  We are open to a vegan diet, which should be supplemented with Taurine for cats and Arginine for dogs.  We still prefer the raw meat diet (except for the idea that it is slaughtered animals).

We suggest building the animals immune system with healthy foods and vitamins along with sunshine, fresh air and exercise which is better than medicine.  Medicine may correct disease "A" for a short time, only to later give you disease "B".    Also remember your vet has a degree in animal medicine, not animal nutrition, so it is important for you to research the options.

The Barbi Twins