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Pet Food Recalled for Acetaminophen Contamination
FDA Disputes Pet Food Pain Killer Findings
Consumer Affairs - Jun 15, 2007

Menu Foods Samples Test Positive for Painkiller
Consumer Affairs - Jun 13, 2007

According to a report by KTRK in Houston, technicians at the medical testing laboratory, EperTox, discovered the popular pain killer is at least a half dozen pet food samples

“Depending on the amount ingested, clinical effects can include a condition called ‘methemoglobinemia,’ which affects the ability of blood cells to deliver oxygen to vital organs, or even liver damage,” Hansen said. “At this point, we have very little information as to the actual level and concentration of this reported contamination, so it’s extremely important to be able to recognize any potential warning signs of this kind of poisoning.”

Hansen, however, said early information indicates the concentration levels of the pain killer are not high enough to have an adverse effect on most dogs.

But cats, he and other veterinarians warn, are more at-risk.
Tests Find Pain Killer in Pet Food
Consumer Affairs - 25 minutes ago
FDA investigates pet food contaminant
Reed Business, Netherlands - 13 hours ago

Lab Finds Poison in Pet Food Samples
MyFox Phoenix, AZ - Jun 6, 2007

Texas Lab Finds Poison in Pet Food Samples
MyFox Washington DC, DC - Jun 6, 2007

Texas lab finds pain medicine in pet food
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Jun 5, 2007

Call 4 Action: Lab Test Finds Potentially Lethal Drug In Pet Food
Pittsburgh Channel.com, PA - Jun 5, 2007

Pet Food Recalled for Salmonella
The recall issued by Brentwood, Tenn.-based Doane Pet Care Co. is unrelated to recent pet food recalls connected to tainted Chinese proteins used in some pet food production. 

The company recalled the dog food after the Food and Drug Administration detected the presence of salmonella. People handling the food could potentially be exposed to the bacteria, along with pets that eat the food. The company said no illnesses have been reported.

Wal-Mart's exclusive Ol' Roy dog food recalled over salmonella ...
York Dispatch, PA - Jun 8, 2007

Pet Food Recall: Wal-Mart Dog Food Recall for Salmonella
The National Ledger- Jun 7, 2007