Make all food safe and healthy human grade (no fillers).  Disclose all brands.  Disclose all ingredients.
 Ban use of animal testing


Wheat Gluten and Corn Gluten and  Rice Protein Concentrate tainted with poison.  It was imported from China and traveled through various places before its final destination.  The poison is melamine.  Melamine added to boost the profit margin, cheat health.

is now very clear that our regulations are not tight enough.   Why are we inspecting only 1.3% of imports? 

Why are we relying so heavily on  imported food ?  How safe is any food from foreign countries if it  does not have to abide by our FDA regulations or we can't enforce them? 

Why don't we inspect all of it?  Do we inspect the facilities? How often? Are we under funded?  Where is current funds going?  Are there too many authorities dividing up a piece of the pie?

We need to know,
 if its here, if its consumable, its safe!


Dog & Cat Owners Urged to Use US Sourced Food Only  (May 4)
The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) issued a release and warned pet parents that this crisis is far from over, and urged them to watch their pets closely for any symptoms that may be related to the recall.  A release from the group said, "Given the current situation and until this crisis is resolved, the ASPCA is recommending pets be fed products containing US - sourced protein supplements only.

Read the article by Michelle Bernard about why dry food is BAD for your cat! (common sense says its probably just as bad for your dog!):

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At this point we feel it is wise to watch the health of your animal and highly recommend you change their food to a healthy "human grade" source.


Unconfirmed reports are circulating that people's companion animals (so far, dogs) have been ill and vomiting yellow bile for approximately 4 weeks. These animals have mentioned Nutro Max) According to these unconfirmed reports several animals have had blood in urine and been diagnosed with UA.

What Vets have known

A decrease exsists in the incidence in Feline lower urinary tract diseases (FLUTD) since the introduction of specially formulated ("prescription") diets.

Retrospective studies at The Ohio State University Veterinary School suggest that cats eating kibble diets are more likely to develop FLUTD than cats consuming canned (moist) diets -


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Byproducts mean
Bye,bye Pet

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