Cutest,  "The Cutest Kitty"
died 3/29/07
16 yrs old
Barbi Twins Comment on their Loss and Lawsuit

Class Action Law Firm:
Blim & Edelson LLC, Chicago


Dog food produced in Manassas, sold by Wal-Mart recalled - 06/06/2007
Doane Recalls Batch of Ol' Roy Dog Food
Consumer Affairs - Jun 7, 2007
Nutra Nuggets Recalled as Melamine Poisonings Continue  (May 24)
Pet Owners Blame Nutro Products for their Dogs' Illnesses (May 22)
BJ Darnell: Pet food recall: Who to believe?  (May 16)
Pet Food Recall Creates "Husky" Traffic  (May 14)
My Local Supermarket Responds to Questions Regarding Melamine in Food Supply (May 14)
Food scare puts more people grub in pet dishes (May 8)
For pet food company, the timing was ideal (May 8)
Pet food recall drives all-natural diets (May 4)
200 New Items Added, Dog & Cat Food, Treats (May 3)
Menu Foods Adds More Cat & Dog Food to Recall  (May 3)

Pet Food Recall Expands Again
Organic Food Sales Shoot up from Pet Food Recall
Organic pet food market may benefit from recall
Pet food recall expands, Wegmans wet cat food included
Pet Food Recall: Confusion Reigns With New Dry Dog & Cat Food Added (Apr 28)
Expanded pet food recall includes Roundy's brand
Pet food recall expands to new dog food
Schnucks pet food recall expanded
Pet Food Recall Widens Again on New Threat
New Details Emerge About Pet Food Recall
Pet food recall confounds scientific sleuths
Pet Food Recall Sparks New Safety Measures for Prudent Manufacturers
FDA's Pet Food Recall Hits Home
Pet food recall a treat in disguise?
After tainted pet food recall, owners find cheaper is sometimes safer
Pet food disaster a howl of warning
Tainted Cat & Dog Food Spreads, New Tips on Avoiding
After tainted pet food recall, owners find cheaper is sometimes safer
U.S. Food Safety Strained by Imports
New Pet Food Recalls
Pet Food Recall Now Includes Company That Makes Science Diet, Purina
Dry Food List Grows, Optional Cat & Dog Food Sought
Statement by Nutro Products on Rice Protein Concentrate Recall
 More pet food problems: Rice protein concentrate recalled
Information on Natural Balance  - first voluntary recall of product with Rice Protein Concentrate
FDA Says Tainted Pet Food Still Being Sold
US Food and Drug Administration - Recalls and Safety Alerts- Up to date list
More pet food recalls
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Dry Cat & Dog Food Recall
Pet food recall affects 90 brands -
Pet Food Latest: Dog Biscuits Recalled
Del Monte Pet Products Voluntarily Withdraws Specific Product Codes of Treats and Wet Dog Food Products
Alpo Dog Food Added to the Recall - Alpo prime cuts wet food and 3 Nestle Mighty Dog brands
U.S. Investigators Discover Fertilizer in Pet Food - tainted product received by 1 dry food maker
Pet Food Maker to Take Financial Responsibility for Pet Deaths From Poisoning
Ontario pet-food company faces $60M lawsuit - Some foods contained accessive Vitamin D
FDA: Plastics Chemical In Recalled Pet Food - PETA Calls for Expanded Recall
Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Single Product, Prescription Diet™ m/d™ Feline Dry
ASPCA Urges Caution as Dry Food is Voluntarily Added to Pet Food Recall
Industrial chemical shows up in third ingredient in pet food
Recall prompts calls to vets
P&G vows more control of Menu Foods
Melamine-Tainted Corn Gluten Confirmed. Is Anything Safe To Eat?

Pet food recall raises questions about safety of imported food
Eight in One voluntarily recalls Chicken Jerky
U.S. Investigators Discover Fertilizer in Pet Food
Tainted pet food poisoned 1 in 6 animals in test: FDA
Dog and Cat Food Facts on Poisoned Pet Food, Treats
Pet owners in feeding dilemma after recall
Company to probe toxin found in tainted pet food
Safeway Announces Voluntary Participation in Menu Foods Recall
P&G Pet Care Participates Pet Food Recall
Rat poison in pet food blamed for 17 deaths
'Limited Resources': A tainted food scare linked to the deaths of at least 16 animals raises questions about the regulation of pet foods
Owners watching pets closely after food recall
Tests of suspect pet food killed 7, FDA says - Pet Health -
A look at recalled pet food brands
'Loophole' leaves Canada's pet food unregulated