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LATE 2006

MARCH 2007!



Complaints of sick pets allegedly began late in 2006.  In February Menu Foods chose to test suspected food on animals rather than sending samples to a lab actually causing the "confirmed" deaths currently reported. Notably Menu Foods CFO sells 12,700 of his shares during this time period.   Even though the first of the animals die in the beginning of March,  Menu Foods did initiate a recall until March 16.  The recall was only on select products.  The recall has grown and continues to grow as more and more companies are announcing products that contain suspect toxin(s).

Initially, the New York State Food Laboratory detected aminopterin (a rat poison) but the FDA and Cornell University tests did not have similar findings. They did find Melamine, an industrial chemical, in wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate from China. Melamine is deliberately put in products to give a higher protein count and boost profit margin.  The tainted product was found to have entered the US around September 2007.  About 100 brands of cat and dog food and treats were affected.

As time passes we are finding how common it is to use melamine in food products, and its not limited to China manufacturers.  Recently US manufacturers have recalled US made products that contain melamine including human grade foods, most recently recall of shrimp made in US and distributed to 13 countries.


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