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The recall has affected the world by calling attention to a problem with the world's food products and the safety and regulations that oversee them.  Recalls of chemically tainted food products have been occurring for years from toxins, bacteria, etc.  Regulations are weak or failing. 

Canada's food watchdog to expand screening checks for melamine
CBC Manitoba, Canada - Jun 5, 2007

Poison dried apple for teacher? ... toxic toothpaste (May 20)

"The poisonous pet food - laced with Chinese industrial waste imported to the U.S. with rice and wheat proteins - is a sad, old story."

"One of the plants suspected of selling melamine-doctored feed to the U.S. burned to the ground right before Chinese inspectors arrived: the owner denied any wrong-doing, a claim now rather hard to prove."

- Israeli pets are believed to be safe, as Royal Canine, Eukanuba and other pet foods recalled in the U.S. are imported to Israel from France, not the U.S.

- Today the Washington Post reports that in four months, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board rejected nearly 300 shipments of foodstuffs from China to the States.

Tainted Foods trying to pass the boarder into the US from China over the years (even recently):
- Dried apples that were preserved with a carcinogenic chemical
- frozen fish featuring not only ice but banned antibiotics
- mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides
- Salmonella in imported pepper corns
- pesticide-poisoned peas
- dried white plums containing banned additives
- salmonella-seasoned pepper
- frozen crawfish crawling with bacteria
- harmful infant formula (Guan Wei Yuan) containing inadequate nutrition

From China to Panama/Australia
- toothpaste containing di-ethylene glycol,(chemical is used in anti-freeze)
-  Australia has recalled a toothpaste last week.

From India to Canada
- tainted spices imported from India.

Pet food recall widens amid cross-contamination (May 4)
The recall has since been expanded to include pet food products in Canada and Europe

South Africa Bans Gluten Products from China as Pet Poisonings Spread (Apr 23)
Contaminated pet food kills 30 dogs in South Africa)  (Apr 30)

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